12/9 Creating a Science-Based Well-Being Industry
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X-HUB TOKYO Seminar on Dec 9th, "Open innovation required for large companies today ~New business creation with overseas startups~." Registration is now open

"Osaka Great Santa Run 2022" on Nov. 27th.
A portion of the participation fee will be donated as a Christmas present to children fighting diseases!

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Our mission

Healthcare Innovation Engine
to Realize “patient centricity”

The era when the word “new normal” is swirling around
Things keep changing
― External environment, technology evolution,
mixed culture and values
Things that will not change
― Patients fighting against diseases,
healthcare professionals working hard day-to-day,
we, people who have the passion and power to contribute

i2.JP is an open innovation initiative to connect healthcare
professionals, local governments, academia and private companies,
designed to jointly work out collective and practical optimal
answers toward the solution of issues in the healthcare field.

4 challenges i2.JP will

  1. Realize “patient centricity”
  2. Deliver added value solution to
    healthcare professionals
  3. Discover and develop new technologies
    contributing to patients and healthcare professionals
  4. Optimize healthcare systems

Initiatives i2.JP is eager
to promote together with

Collaboration with partners

Realize “patient centricity”, deliver added value solution to healthcare professionals, discover and develop new technologies, optimize healthcare systems - all of these are challenges difficult to deliver by a single group or a single individual.

i2.JP will create opportunities of collaboration with start-ups, healthcare professionals, and partners from the private sector, government and academia.

Toward the solution of specific healthcare issues, i2.JP will jointly promote “Think big (comprehension and verbalization of the big picture), start small (understanding and identification of pain points, development of MVP, promotion of PoC), learn and scale fast (learnings from mistakes, market-in and expansion strategy).”

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